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The solid fuel NP furnace is characterized by very high efficiency, giving 100% clean heat. It is intended for heating industrial premises, e.g.. workshops, large halls.

The NP blowing furnace is a device that heats the ambient air using thermal energy generated by burning solid fuels. The thermal exchange takes place during the passage of air through the surfaces of the heat exchanger, the air flow generated by the fan, without the aid of an intermediate fluid.
The combustion products after passing through the heat exchanger are led out through the chimney.

The NP blowing furnace is made of boiler steel, has an axial fan with low noise emission and high air flow. and is fitted with a flange to which a metal chimney can be securely attached to allow combustion products to escape.

Advantages of the NP blowing furnace:

  • high efficiency
  • 100% clean heat
  • durable and safe powder coated cover, which prevents corrosion
  • cheap fuel - you can use wood waste or other available solid fuel
  • the room temperature may drop below 0 ° C, there is no refrigerant freezing problem, no supervision is required for a longer period of non-use
  • Air circulation caused by the work of the fan prevents the accumulation of warm air under the ceiling
  • the device does not heat the buildings, but only the air inside them
  • very low operating costs
  • it is not necessary to install a complicated heat distribution installation
  • high efficiency and high power
  • the possibility of solid fuel (dry wood)
Steel thickness of the heat exchanger:5 mm
fuels:coal (nut), piece wood
Warranty:2 years warranty for tightness of the heat exchanger, 2 years for the remaining elements and efficient boiler operation.

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