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BIPV is currently an independent and interdisciplinary field of science and architecture; unfortunately, BIPV systems still form merely 1% of the PV market. The new architecture forming strategies are more attempts at finding the balance between the demands of developing civilization, technological progress, and environmental protection.

The concept behind BIPV systems is to adopt PV modules to various building applications, primarily as alternatives to traditional construction materials used for building roofs, façades (e.g. roofing, glass façade and roof systems, and façade cladding systems), fronts, curtain wall louvers, skylights, balustrades, and specific window joinery panes.


The essential component of BIPV is the system of glass-to-glass modules. Bonding two glass panes with plastic films produce safety glass, a product that is very popular in civil engineering and architecture, where its applications span partitions, balustrades, canopies, etc. The plastic films used in bonding the glass panes encapsulate the PV cells to protect them from the external factors.

PV integrated glass laminates may comprise any combination of the following glass types


All BIPV module types are available in various thicknesses and forms, depending on the vision of the architects (to adapt to the installation method and building form).


NoFrost has secured the INNOVATOR PODKARPACIA 2013 (2013 Podkarpacie Innovator) award for ML System. We have created an innovative BIPV module which prevents the layering of snow and frost.

NoFrost modules can be installed on roofs, skylights, and similar structural solutions. One of the panes in the glass-to-glass panel has an additional deposited coat which heats up when connected to an electrical voltage. The generated heat penetrates the module front and the layer of frost, ice or snow. The frost/ice/snow layer melts and uncovers the PV cell underneath.

  • Removes the problem of snow loads on roof structures. The NoFrost modules can clear snow from roof slopes (e.g. carports, halls, airport buildings, border crossing units, warehousing units, train or bus stations, or stadiums)
  • An (extra) heat source for indoor rooms; also helps to remove steam from glass fronts (e.g. for swimming pools)
  • Short time to reach the operating temperature, which is uniformly distributed across the PV panel
  • 3 times less power consumed than by resistive wire mats
  • Uniform temperature distribution across the PV module surface
  • Only the outer layer is heated
  • Short time to reach the operating temperature
  • The PV module does not have to be heated across its thickness
  • No need for additional melting snow layers: the NoFrost system prevents snow from settling
  • The NoFrost module system can be operated in sectors i.e. without using the entire installed power

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