Inside-wall heat recovery unit
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HRU-WALL is an inside wall mounted heat recovery unit, designed to ensure adequate ventilation in enclosed environments without energy losses. High efficient reversible EC motor with integral thermal protection, mounted on sealed for life high-quality ball bearings. Heat recovery unit is designed for continuous running. Regenerative heat exchanger with a ceramic core; high thermal efficiency (up to 82%).

Through-the-wall single room heat recovery unit HRU-WALL is available in two sizes: Ø100mm and Ø150mm. Alternate flow with flow reversal approx. every 70 seconds. It is recommended that two units are installed in pair: when one unit is pulling, the other is pushing. A pair of units can be installed in the single room or in different rooms (i.e. living room and bedroom). Heat recovery unit is suitable for installation on an outside wall.

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