Antyczny 295
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Price includes. starter pack:

  • bio-fireplace with a biofuel cartridge according to selected parameters
  • igniter
  • bolt for adjusting the flame.
Type of bio-fireplaceStanding
The construction of the bio-fireplaceWooden frame, powder coated steel with heat-resistant paint
Bio-fireplace enclosureMDF boards with a thickness of. 18 mm
Nominal dimensions (width. x depth. x high.)1040 x 295 x 940 mm
Standard contribution160 / 370
Optimal capacity and anticipated burning time2.3 l / 4 - 6 h
Warranty2 years
Biofireplace weight39.5 kg
The right to withdraw from the Sales AgreementNO
Time limit for completion10 - 21 days
In priceBio-fireplace with a contribution to the biofuel according to selected parameters, lighter, bolt to regulate the flame.
Product description

Classic and modern - ecological classic portal fireplace for biofuel:Biofireplace Antique 295this model is its form referring toclassic portal fireplaces.Biohe is free standing. Interiorbiofireplaceit is a body made of powder coated steel sheet with heat-resistant paint (black semi-matt color), which in addition to its basic role as a functional furnace (this is where the biofuel insert is placed) also fulfills the important task of ensuring stability. The rear panel of steel sheet is the protection of the wall at which it is positionedBioagainst fire, and at the same time is an element stabilizing the entire structure. . At the bottom of the edgesbiofireplacethey are designed to ensure perfect adhesion to the wall with skirting boards.

ATTENTION:. it is recommended that when settingbiofireplace. keep the distance from the wall approx. 0.5 - 1 cm (so that the sheet has no contact with the wall).

Biofireplace Antique 295is equipped. in cartridge 160/370 black or inox. with a slit typeWAVEorLINE. The characteristics of these cartridges can be found by clicking onthis link. The choice of the contribution can be made by selecting the appropriate attribute when adding a product to the basket.

In order to protect the open fire from children, animals, the elderly or the sick -Biocan be supplemented inprotective glasstempered glass (unopened, mounted on a wsuwki). The glass can be ordered by selecting the attribute when adding a product to the basket, or in the future by buying the glass itself as an accessory.

Biofireplace Antique 295because of its dimensions we deliverpallet shipment(assembled in full, after unpacking and setting it is immediately ready for use).

We invite you to watch a short video that shows how it burnsbiofireplace Antique 295.

Product available on request. Delivery costs set individually, please email, use contact form or call us to determine the cost and time of delivery.

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