Antyczny Stone 225
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Price includes. starter pack:

  • bio-fireplace with a biofuel cartridge according to selected parameters
  • igniter
  • bolt for adjusting the flame.
Type of bio-fireplaceStanding
The construction of the bio-fireplaceWooden frame, powder coated steel with heat-resistant paint
Bio-fireplace enclosureDecorative stone ROMA. colors: SAHARA or GRAFIT
Nominal dimensions (width. x depth. x high.)840 x 225 x 830 mm
Standard contribution95 / 450
Optimal capacity and anticipated burning time1.5 l / 3 - 5 h
Warranty2 years
Biofireplace weight50 kg
The right to withdraw from the Sales AgreementNO
Time limit for completion10 - 21 days
In priceBio-fireplace with a contribution to the biofuel according to selected parameters, lighter, bolt to regulate the flame.
Product description

ModelAntique Stone 225- this is a proposal for those who like the delicate roughness of the stone. Beautiful decoration and alternative heating in one. . ROMA stone, which is enclosed biofireplacesAntique Stone 225it's a very impressive decorative elementas you can see. not just as a wall decoration. Form of thisbiofireplaceresembling illusionsclassic portal fireplace. fits perfectly to a slightly irregular structure. . Free standingbiofireplace Antique Stone 225we will successfully set up against the wall even in a small interior - its small size, and especially its depth (only 225 mm) will allow it. Constructionsbiofireplaceis a wooden frame, to which decorative stone tiles are attached. Its element is also made of steel sheet powder painted with a heat-resistant paint for black semi-matt furnace (body), inside which is locatedcontribution to biofuel. The whole stiffens and stabilizes the back wall also made of sheet metal, which additionally protects the wall of the room, at which theBio.

ATTENTION:. it is recommended that when settingbio-fireplace. keep the distance from the wall approx. 0.5 - 1 cm (so that the sheet has no contact with the wall).

ModelAntique Stone 225. we offer two colors of decorative stone: GRAFIT and SAHARA (samples in pictorial photographs) - the selected color should be selected from the list of attributes when adding a product to the basket.

Biois equipped withcontribution to biofuelwith dimensions of 450 x 95 mm typeWAVE. orLINE(black or inox) - you can choose by checking the appropriate attribute when adding a product to the basket. . Types of contributions are described in more detaila separate page.

ModelAntique Stone 225. due to the dimensions we providepallet shipment

BioAntique Stone 225we present during the operation on the below placed film.

Product available on request. Delivery costs set individually, Delivery time: 17 - 28 days

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