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Price includes. starter pack:

  • bio-fireplace with a biofuel cartridge according to selected parameters
  • igniter
  • bolt for adjusting the flame.
Type of bio-fireplaceHanging (wall mounted)
The construction of the bio-fireplaceThe contribution to biofuel placed in a base made of steel with a thickness of. 1.5 mm, powder coated with NON 000 heat-resistant paint
Bio-fireplace enclosureWall made of tempered glass. 8 mm and ceramic wall mounted parallel to the base of the cartridge
Nominal dimensions (width. x depth. x high.)904 x 120 x 604
Decorative materialCeramics
Standard contribution700 / 95
Optimal capacity and anticipated burning time2.5 l / 3 - 5 h
Warranty2 years
Biofireplace weight30 kg
The right to withdraw from the Sales AgreementYES
Time limit for completion5 - 14 days
In priceBio-fireplace with a contribution to the biofuel according to selected parameters, lighter, bolt to regulate the flame.
Product description

Batur-Biowith the possibility of choosing a ceramic ornament that looks like lava. Not only does the fire itself give us warmth, now it's additional decoration that makes us feel like an observer standing by the exploding volcano. Thanks to this model will perfectly decorate and enliven any wall in the apartment. You can not miss such a great exhibition element.

The housing of the biofireplace insert. can be ordered in black semi-soft NON, with type insertWAVE. orLINE. (black or inox). . Types of contributions are described in more detaila separate page.

Bio-fireplace Baturwe ship in a self-assembly kit, which is extremely easy.

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Below we presentBio-fireplace Baturin full splendor:

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