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Price includes. starter pack:

  • bio-fireplace with a biofuel cartridge according to selected parameters
  • igniter
  • bolt for adjusting the flame.
Type of bio-fireplaceStanding
The construction of the bio-fireplacesteel
Nominal dimensions (width. x depth. x high.)150 x 300 x 1190 mm
Decorative materialPowder-coated steel in semi-matt black
Standard contributionRing 60
Optimal capacity and anticipated burning time0.7 l / 2 - 3h
Warranty2 years
Biofireplace weight31 kg
The right to withdraw from the Sales AgreementYES
Time limit for completion5 - 14 days
In priceBio-fireplace with a contribution to the biofuel according to selected parameters, lighter, bolt to regulate the flame.
Product description

biolamp. Cumbal Groupit's a more extensive versionCumbal Maxi biolampswith more burners.biolampfits perfectly with any interior due to its not too large dimensions - it will revive both the living room, bedroom or living room or bathroom, as well as the garden. Its size also allows you to move it anywhere. Six differing burner heights have been combined, which allows attractive decorating almost anywhere. The seemingly simple structure of this model gives the possibility to match thisbiolampyto any room.

And this is how the model looksCumbal Group:

Product available on request. Delivery costs set individually, Delivery time: 12 - 21 days

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