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A bio-fireplace that will change any interior. Its minimalism and elegance will give the room a new dimension. An ecological fireplace gives a real fire, which not only creates a unique atmosphere, but also warms. Extremely narrow, so it looks like a living image when suspended.

Technical Specifications Fuel type biofuel of biological alcohol Weight (kg) 12,3 Material painted steel Width (cm) 120,00 Height (cm) 40,00 Show more Depth (cm) 12,00 Colour black Type of biofireplace hanging Capacity of bio insert (l) 0,50 The lenght of the fire line (cm) 50 Fuel container (H x W x D) (cm) 4,7 x 60 x 8,9 Glazing No

Would you like to quickly change your living space so that it gets an original and expressive character? Bet on a bio-fireplace! This is not only a unique decoration, but also an effective source of heat that can raise the temperature by several degrees Celsius!



Especially for the most demanding ones we created a unique bio-fireplace. DELTA 3 FLAT attracts attention with its perfect proportions and minimalism. Extremely low depth makes it look like a vivid picture when hung on the wall. The whole thing definitely goes beyond any schemes. DELTA 3 FLAT will make your interior unique. Everyone who visits you will be enchanted by the beauty and warmth coming from your bio-fireplace!



The installation of a bio-fireplace is trivially simple. It will take you literally 5 minutes. All you have to do is hang it on the wall with the use of mounting pegs and insert the glass and bio-fireplace in designated places. You only need a moment to enjoy the warmth and view of the fire. Pour the biofuel to the level marked in the container, set the fire and you're done! Importantly, you can extinguish the flame at any time.



We're all about ecology! Buying our bio-fireplace you care about the environment. You do not contribute to the formation of smog. All this is due to the fact that the products of biofuel combustion are only: heat, water vapour and a negligible amount of carbon dioxide (as in the air exhaled by us). Bio-fireplace DELTA 3 FLAT is an effective source of heating. It increases the temperature even by a few degrees Celsius and the heat produced is 100% returned to the room.



Trust us, like more than 1,000,000 other users around the world! Bet on a proven manufacturer with over 20 years of experience. Don't be fooled by cheap opportunities...

The production process of our equipment is constantly monitored by TÜV Rheinland Poland. Thanks to this, innovative solutions and strict quality control, you can be sure that you are getting a top class product.

The TÜV-certified container has an additional special chamber that prevents fuel spillage in case of accidental overfilling of the tank. It also has a maximum fuel level indicator.

Absorbent insert placed in the center of the container reduces fuel consumption and protects against spilling

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