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Alfa is an automatic pellet boiler that meets the ecological standards of the 5th Class and Ecodesign.

Basic fuel:wood pellets 6-8mm
Torch:Central pellet burner with automatic cleaning function as standard
5-year warranty for the tightness of the heat exchanger, 2 years for the remaining elements and efficient operation of the boiler.
Heat exchanger made of certified high-grade steel.
High thermal efficiency up to 92% thanks to increased heat recovery from flue gas.
APC CENTER driver supporting 6 pumps / c. o. , c. w. u. , obiegowa, podłogowa /. Control of two mixing valves. viewing and changing the parameters of the ONLINE main controller via the built-in Internet module with the RJ-45 socket.
The boiler is adapted as a standard for assembly in a closed system provided that the protection is installed in accordance with the boiler's DTR.
Exhaust fan that eliminates chimney draft and stabilizes boiler operation.
Vacuum sensor protecting against inappropriate combustion process.
The fuel reserve sensor in the tank stops the boiler operation at the minimum fuel level. After recharging the fuel, there is no need to repeat the ignition procedure and the boiler goes into automatic operation.
Ceramic catalysts stabilizing the combustion process.
Automatic fuel ignition system.
Central pellet burner with automatic cleaning function as standard.
Compact dimensions.
Automatic cleaning system for heat exchanger and ash removal as standard.
Hydraulic set with circulation pump and thermostatic valve as protection of the boiler against low return temperature.

Standard equipment:APC CENTER controller, PID function, leveling feet, igniter, central pellet burner with automatic cleaning function, hydraulic kit with thermostatic valve and circulating pump.

Optional equipment - at extra charge:GSM module, Internet module, WIFI internet module, DEFRO SPK Lux room regulator, DEFRO MZ module, SPK Lux wireless controller, RS wireless communication kit, extra payment for PLUS version - enlarged tray.


• innovative ADAPTIVE Control
using a turbine flowmeter that ensures optimal selection of fan and feeder operation parameters
• fan control (examination of the air flow necessary for the proper combustion process) and feeder
• central heating pump control. And CWU valves
• control of the additional device
• control of two mixing valves along with circulating pumps assigned to them
• control of two additional devices, e.g.. circulating pump, additional pump c. o.
• automatic firing up and extinguishing the boiler
• weekly control
• control via the Internet (remote firing up
and extinction) via www. emodul. en
• possibility of connecting a room regulator
with RS or traditional communication, e.g.. SPK LUX
• possibility of connecting the ST-65 GSM module
• lighting using a heater
• measurement of fuel consumption by means of a volumetric sensor normally installed in a fuel tank
• possibility of controlling an additional valve
mixing with the DERFO MZ module
• large color graphic display
• the controller panel located in the console
with adjustable tilt angle
• CO temperature sensor. DHW. valves. external return and exhaust
• photoresistor (flame sensor)
• has temperature protection (thermals)
• has thermal protection of the burner

1The maximum area of ​​heated rooms has been estimated for a unit
heat demand q = 70 W / m2.
2PLUS version - boiler with an enlarged fuel tank.
Capacity of the fuel tank for bulk density of pellets amounting to 0.6 kg / dm3.
3The weight of the boiler depends on its additional equipment. The weight of the boiler with an enlarged boiler (PLUS version) is about 20 kg larger.

The height of the boiler can be additionally adjusted using the attached feet.
The feet have a regulation range from 38 to 50mm.

Enlargement of the fuel tank in the ALFA boiler (PLUS version) should be reported when ordering the boiler due to the impossibility of subsequent installation.

WARNING! When ordering the boiler, specify on which side the reservoir should be located (left or right).

Elements of additional equipment should be reported when ordering the boiler due to the lack of possibility of subsequent installation.


Product available on request. Delivery costs set individually, please email, use contact form or call us to determine the cost of delivery.

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