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Taking care of the environment and air quality in Poland, we have created a new eco-friendly product. Sigma E is a boiler that meets the highest strict standards of exhaust purity and efficiency. This boiler is ECODESIGN and 5 CLASS certified. Thanks to the new patented retort burner and changes in the water jacket Sigma E can boast of low emission and economy. Caring for the convenience of users, the system of mechanical cleaning of the exchanger is standard. High-quality materials used to produce the boiler. An intuitive and user-friendly controller with a color touch display with adjustable angle. Completely new ceramic catalysts arranged around the hearth. Dedicated ceramic deflector with a new shape. Convenient revision system. Modern design and colors characteristic for our company. All this makes Sigma E the leader in the eco-pea coal class with the ECODESIGN certificate.

Product characteristics:
- additional ceramic catalysts arranged around the furnace
- dedicated deflector
- mechanical exchanger cleaning system
- a new generation of retort burner with a combustion air supply system
notified to the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland

Basic fuel:coal, pea coal, 5-25 mm.
Torch:retort DEFRO
5-year warranty for the tightness of the heat exchanger, 2 years for the remaining elements and efficient operation of the boiler.
Heat exchanger made of certified, high-grade steel.
High thermal efficiency up to 90% thanks to increased heat recovery from flue gas.
K1P v4 controller with a color touch panel supporting 4 pumps / c. o. ,c. w. u. , obiegowa, podłogowa /. Operation of the mixing valve. Can be controlled via
GSM or INTERNET - option at extra cost. adjustable position angle of the control panel.
NZ version - adapted for assembly in a closed system, reinforced structure, built-in cooling coil - optional extra charge.
Combustion chamber with a highly efficient retort burner of the new generation (solution submitted to the UPRR).
Ceramic catalysts stabilizing the combustion process.
Cylinder lid open sensor.
The screw feeder screw is made of one element.
Changing the door opening direction (does not apply to incandescent internal doors).
ADAPTIVE CONTROL control - regulation of boiler operation based on air flow through the exchanger.
Energy-efficient high-efficiency geared motor with autorever in the case of a fuel feeder lock.
The system of mechanical cleaning of the heat exchanger.
Pressure compensation system in the fuel tank.

Standard equipment:K1Pv4 controller, ADAPTIVE CONTROL control, leveling feet, mechanical exchanger cleaning system.

Optional equipment - at extra charge:GSM module, Internet module, WIFI internet module, Fireman's extinguishing system, NZ version for closed system, DK LOGIC 100 regulator, DEFRO SPK Lux room regulator, DEFRO MZ module, SPK Lux wireless controller, RS wireless communication set.



• innovative ADAPTIVE CONTROL control using a turbine flowmeter that ensures optimal selection of fan and feeder operation parameters
• history of the last twenty alarm states of the boiler
• the ability to export temperature history to a USB flash drive
• possibility of cooperation with an exhaust fan module.
• fan and auger control
• control of the mixing valve actuator as standard
• weekly control
• control of central heating and hot water pumps
• control of two additional pumps
• the possibility of connecting a room regulator with RS or traditional communication, e.g.. SPK LUX
• possibility of connecting the DEFRO GSM module
• possibility of connecting a new version of the DEFRO Internet module enabling remote change of the boiler operation parameters (access to the user and service menu) via www. emodul. en
• the ability to control two additional valves using DEFRO MZ modules
• operation of the gearmotor with reverse operation (not applicable to the PZ version)
• large, colorful graphic display
• touchpad
• adjustable inclination of the display screen in the range of 45 ° to 105 °
• CO temperature sensor. DHW. valve. return. additional. exhaust gas and outside temperature
• temperature protection (thermals)
• screw temperature sensor (protection)
• high-quality housing

1The maximum area of ​​heated rooms has been estimated for a unit
heat demand q = 80 W / m2.
2Capacity of the fuel tank for the bulk density of eco-peas equal to 0.8 kg / dm3.
3The weight of the boiler depends on its additional equipment.

The height of the boiler can be additionally adjusted using the attached feet.
The feet have a regulation range from 38 to 50mm.

ATTENTION! When ordering a SIGMA E boiler, specify the side of the storage tank (left or right).

Adaptation of the SIGMA E boiler to the closed system (NZ version) should be reported when ordering the boiler due to the impossibility of subsequent installation.

Elements of additional equipment should be reported when ordering the boiler due to the lack of possibility of subsequent installation.


Product available on request. Delivery costs set individually, please email, use contact form or call us to determine the cost of delivery.

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