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Steel fireplace insert with chamotte

- nominal power: 10 kW
- efficiency: 82%
- average carbon monoxide (CO) emissions:
- average flue gas temperature: 260 ° C
- max. log length: 45 cm
- diameter of the exhaust outlet: 200 mm
- air supply: Ø125 mm
- hot air distributor: 4 x Ø125 mm
- weight: 236 kg

- hearth lined with Rath's chapot
- perfect contribution to homes with recuperation and DGP
- supplying combustion air directly from the outside
- regulation of air supply to the cartridge
- black glass decorating
- hot air distributor with 4 outlets
- air flow on the window
- door seal with shape memory
- vermiculite deflectors
- steel exchangers
- wood stop
- ash box
- grate
- adjustable feet
- heating fuel: wood
- 5-year warranty
- CE certificate
- compliance with EN 13229
- compliance with the BImSchV standard
- country of production: Poland

The advantages of the UNIFLAM EVO fireplace insert

The construction of the cartridge
The cartridge was made of high quality materials - steel, cast iron and chamotte. The furnace chamber lined with chamotte, a special system of exchangers and deflectors ensure high efficiency of the device. The insert has adjustable legs for easy assembly.

Perfect contribution to homes with DGP and recuperation
The contribution Unifam Evo is adapted to energy-efficient homes, equipped with ventilation with heat recovery. Tin distributor of hot air makes it easy to connect the cartridge to the warm air distribution system. The insert allows for efficient and economical heating of the house.

Air supply from the outside
The cartridge is equipped with air supply directly from the outside. The inlet diameter 125 is located under the hearth. The amount of air supplied to the combustion process is regulated by means of the knob located at the bottom of the façade. The air is taken directly from the air intake and supplied under the grate and on the window, creating an air curtain to prevent excessive dirt on the glass.

Easy operation
A spacious ashtray, cast iron grate and efficiently operating air blower system make operation and maintenance of the fireplace easy and do not take much time.

A wide view of burning wood
Modern, steel facade and a large pane with black decoration provide the perfect vision of fire. The handle and the air adjustment handle made of stainless steel complete the whole by creating a modern design of the Uniflam Evo hearth.

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