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  1. Aluminium guides are mounted inside the room along the side edges of the opening, with brush seals and slides.
  2. Emergency door opening in case of power failure the door can be opened manually using a crank or an emergency chain transmission mounted on the drive.
  3. Brackets provide the distance between the profiles when rolling up the door curtain, ensuring silent operation of the door and considerably extending the lifetime of the profiles.
  4. Glazed aluminium profile provides additional light in the room. The glazing is spaced across the entire profile in harmony with the look of the door.
    Vented profile made of perforated metal sheet provides additional ventilation of the room.
  5. AW100 profile lightweight aluminium profile filled with CFC-free polyurethane foam.
  6. Safety edge strip mounted on the bottom seal stops the door when it comes into contact with an obstacle, and returns it to the opened position.



BR-100 DOOR with glazed profiles
BR-100 DOOR with ventilation profile
AW 100 Door with profile
AW 100 profile door with glazing

Glazed or ventilation profile
To illuminate a dark room it is worth considering a door with glazed profiles.
This solution will save electricity. Glazed profiles also allow monitoring of the area in front of the door without opening it. The possibility of applying glazed profiles further enhances the door’s aesthetics.
The airflow in the room ensures proper humidity. Ventilation profiles, which are installed in the same way as glazing, provide natural ventilation, which allows the exchange of air indoors.

Aluminium doors
Aluminium doors can be adapted to any roller-shutter door to match its design, colour and filling. They are available with the same glazing type as used in garage doors.



External installation with a case, and internal installation with a partial cover.

Fig. 1
External case,
SI 17; SI 25; SI 40 drive

Fig. 2
External case,
SI 55; SI 75 drive
Fig. 3
Internal shaft cover

External installation with a case (Fig.1, Fig.2)

The external installation option is a good solution for objects where installation inside the premises is impossible (for example, in case of insufficient headroom or sideroom). The external installation is possible under the condition that the drive is protected with a case against adverse weather conditions.

The case covers the drive mechanism. This solution ensures safe installation of the door on the outside of the garage opening.
It consists of aluminium structure with steel side sheets fastened using steel brackets. The case is available in RAL 8019 or RAL 9010, and it can be coated in any RAL colour as an option.

The cover may also be used inside the room if the assembly conditions allow.

Important! In case of external installation the concave side of the profile forms the external side of the door and is visible from the outside. In addition, the power source, control panel and spiral cable (safety edge) are installed inside of the room.
The SI 17, SI 25, SI 40 drives feature emergency opening with a hand crank only. The SI 55, SI 75 drives feature emergency opening using a chain hoist or hand crank.

Internal shaft cover (Fig.3)

The partial shaft cover is recommended for the internal installation and serves as a drive shaft protection. It includes aluminium top and bottom cover in RAL 8019 or RAL 9010.
As an option, the cover can be coated in the door shutter colour. The covers are mounted on the galvanised steel brackets.


Flame red | RAL 3000
Blue | RAL 5010
Soft Blue | RAL 5012
Ashen | RAL 7012
Anthracite grey | RAL 7016
Sepia brown | RAL 8014
Grey brown | RAL 8019
Silver | RAL 9006
Dark Silver | RAL 9007
White | RAL 9010


To meet the needs and ideas of our Clients, who expect a lasting, aesthetic, and original look, we offer a wide selection of colours. As a result, we offer the possibility to match the colours of the door and the facade, window joinery, or building finishings.

For Clients who look for non-standard colours, we prepared the offer of 200 RAL colours for coating.

  • Power supply: 3x400 [V]
  • Drive in class ED 60%
  • The protection rating is IP 54
  • In Totmann or Automatik version
  • Control panel WS-900, TS-958, TS-970, TS-971, TS-981
  • Safety edge
  • Self-locking reduction gearbox with a pressure-cast aluminium housing
  • Transmission with a gripping device and an electromagnetic brake,
  • Crank for emergency opening in case of power failure,


Code lock
Proximity card reader
LED warning lamp
Signal lights
Sound signal
External key switch
Microwave motion sensor
Radio receiver
Safety switch
Key-operated switch
Pull switch
WSD: wireless safety edge transmission system
IP65 rated special control system (XL version)

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