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Maximum safety in extreme conditions.

drzwi i okna aluminiowe przeciwpozarowe wisniowski


modulowosc pl

Fire-rated WIŚNIOWSKI doors, windows, and walls can be installed individually or can constitute an element of the wall in the same version. Large, all-glass surfaces provide numerous ways of arranging interiors, while at the same time marking out fire zones. Thanks to the high aesthetic qualities and mechanical strength, these solutions are widely used in public buildings.


dymproof plfireproof pl

Fire-rated WIŚNIOWSKI doors, windows, and walls provide maximum safety and durability in extreme conditions. They can be manufactured with the following fire ratings: EI 30 and EI 60, in the case of fixed windows also EI120, while maintaining the Sa and Sm class.

Aluprof MB78EI and MB118EI

  • fixed and technical windows with the EI30, EI60 and EI120 fire-rating,
  • the frame and transoms are made of 78 [mm] deep (EI30 and EI60 rated windows) or 118 [mm] deep (EI120 windows) three-chamber aluminium sections with a thermal break.
  • infill: glazed with fire-rated single glass panes, glazing units or a solid panel,
  • the frame and the panel are powder coated,
  • the infill is fastened with glazing gaskets and glazing strips,
  • can be installed in continuous systems of fire-rated partitions.


Aluprof MB78EI

  • single-leaf or double-leaf,
  • EI30 and EI60 fire rating,
  • also available in a smoke control version with a drop-down seal in the Sm or Sa class,
  • the leaf framework and the opening frame is made of 78 [mm] deep three-chamber aluminium sections with a thermal break,
  • infill: a fire-rated single glass pane, glazing unit or panel,
  • the leaf framework, the opening frame, and the panel are powder coated,
  • a rubber gasket seal around the entire circumference,
  • left-hand or right-hand doors, inswing or outswing,
  • standard accessories: one mortise lever lock with a lock cylinder complete with a set of three keys, a stainless steel door handle on an oblong cover plate, a door closer, and anti-burglary bolts,
  • optional accessories: an additional lock with a lock cylinder complete with a set of three keys, class C anti-burglary lock cylinders C instead of the regular ones, stainless steel handles on a split cover plate, anti-panic hardware,
  • fail secure or fail safe electromagnetic catch.


Aluprof MB-SR50 EI

  • a mullion and transom façade,
  • specially processed glass panes can be mounted using mechanical fasteners,
  • various cover strips available,
  • angular connections up to ± 7.5° per side and the construction of façades deviating from the horizontal by up to ± 15°,
  • high degree of thermal insulation,
  • the option of forming sections and constructing arch structures available.



  • with a thermal break,
  • leaf infilled with a fire-rated single glass pane or a glazing unit or a panel with appropriate fire rating,
  • the framework and the opening frame are powder coated,
  • quality brand hardware certified for using in fire-rated doors



ralownik wisniowskiA WIDE RANGE OF COLOURS

By responding to the needs and ideas of our customers who expect a durable, appealing, and original look, we offer a wide range of colours.

Fire-rated aluminium doors, windows, and walls are available in any powder coating in RAL palette colours (except for colours with a pearlescent, reflective or metallic finish).
Fire-rated aluminium joinery is also available powder coated in the DECOR palette colours.

Standard colours of fire-rated aluminium joinery:

3000 czerwony
Fire red | RAL 3000
5010 niebieski
Gentian blue | RAL 5010
6029 zielony mietowy
Mint green | RAL 6029
7016 antracyt
Anthracite grey | RAL 7016
7035 szary
Light grey | RAL 7035
7040 popielaty
Window grey | RAL 7040
8014 jasnobrazowy
Brown sepia | RAL 8014
8016 brazowy mahoniowy
Mahogany brown | RAL 8016
8017 ciemnobrazowy
Chocolate brown | RAL 8017
8019 ciemnabrazowy
Brown grey | RAL 8019
ral 9006
White aluminium | RAL 9006
9016 bialy
White | RAL 9016


samozamykacz szynowy
Rail door closer
samozamykacz ramienny
Link arm door closer
zawiasy nawierzchniowe
Surface hinge
okucie antypaniczne
Anti-panic hardware
klamka do okucia
A handle for anti-panic hardware
listwa opadajaca
Drop-down seal
Anti-burglary bolt
dodatkowy zamek
Additional lock
Anti-burglary lock cylinder
zamek elektro
Electromagnetic strike


d 116
The d-116 handle
d 335 pt
The d-335-pt handle

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