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5 years extended care wisniowski

EXTENDED CARE - a 5-year warranty on automatic garage doors.

The EXTENDED CARE Program extends the standard warranty period to a maximum of 5 years for a complete eligible product kit, consisting of a power-operated sectional garage door originally configured with the METRO drive unit.

This is a breakthrough solution on the market and covers an entire power-operated garage door.

Warranty extension terms & conditions

Membership in the Extended Care Program requires paid technical inspection to be done by a Professional Installer.

The inspection shall be done before the 12th and the 36th month from the date of original purchase.
Regular inspections will ensure a long and trouble-free life of the product.

The Business Partner must record each inspection in the Manufacturer's computer system.

Benefits for product users:

  • 5 years of warranty from the Manufacturer, WIŚNIOWSKI
  • Full warranty coverage for POWER-OPERATED DOORS
  • Professional care from the Business Partner
  • Improved operating safety of the product
  • Regular inspection of the product (with 2 obligatory technical inspections)
  • Cost-efficient use of the product

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