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Tilt and turn - Capital 92


Profile: 92mm Max glazing thickness: 58mm

Energy efficiency (Uw)

from 0,68 W/m2K

Sound-proofing (Rw)

up to 45 dB


5 years

The innovative SMART EDGE technology allows to make a windows in a modern design, where the sash and frame are flush

Transparent Clear lacquer

Pine timber

Meranti timber

Oak timber

new Unique colours

An individual timber colour has a significant influence on the final stain colour coating. This palette is used for demonstrative purposes only and cannot be as a colour reference.

new oiled colours

An individual timber colour has a significant influence on the final stain colour coating. This palette is used for demonstrative purposes only and cannot be as a colour reference. Please consult product colour with technical department before production.



* Natural variation in colour from one piece of timber to the next can have a significant influence on the final colour visible through the transparent layer. This variation is to be expected when working with natural products. The palette of colours shown is used for demonstrative purposes only and cannot serve as a colour reference. Samples are recommended which can be requested directly or via one of our Sales team.
Colors according to the current colour palette available on 01.10.2017

The suggested colour components of timber windows

ColourType of timberHead drip /beadsWarm edge colour and duplex barsColour of hinges coverColour of silicone
CyprysPineRAL 8001RAL 8003Old goldBrown
CyprysMeranti, oakRAL 8003RAL 8003Old goldBrown
OakPineRAL 8003RAL 8003Old goldBrown
OakMeranti, oakRAL 8011RAL 8016Old goldBrown
Golden oakPine, meranti, oakRAL 8011RAL 8016Old goldBrown
SapelePine, meranti, oakRAL 8011RAL 8003Old goldBrown
AfromosiaPine, meranti, oakRAL 8011RAL 8016Old goldBrown
RosewoodPine, meranti, oakRAL 8017RAL 8016Old goldBrown
GraphitePineRAL 8019RAL 9005Old goldBrown
GraphiteMeranti, oakRAL 8019RAL 9005Old goldBlack
ClearPineRAL 1002RAL 7035SilverGrey
WengePine, meranti, oakRAL 8017RAL 8016Old goldBrown

The 92 mm profile is highlighted by a modern design and optimum performance parameters. Made of pine, meranti or oak timber (other timber species available on request)

The standard windows are made of pine timber.

Window CAPITAL SMART awarded the mtp gold medal at the budma 2015 international construction and architecture fair.

The Capital Smart window is an innovative product, based on the construction of the Capital window, providing an intelligent solution for your home. Modern technology allows you to operate the functions of the window using electronic devices such as tablets, smartphones, or other devices using iOS or Android systems, or by a remote control.

The Capital Smart window is connected not only to a meteorological station, informing us about the temperature and force speed of wind, but also detects the presence of carbon monoxide. Moreover, it intelligently reacts to changing weather conditions, enables automatic window closing in case of rain, tinting of the glass pane during increased sunlight, whilst ensuring adequate ventilation.

Technology that makes life easier!

The TaHoma system allows an intuitive and convenient way of opening and closing the window, automatically adjusting the micro-ventilation and a choice of desired opening positions. In the event of a power failure it has the option to automatically close the window.
It allows automatic window tinting and automatic control of the window’s external shutters and internal blinds
There is an option to connect it with the meteorological station.
Utilising reed switches installed in the window, it can link with the integrated alarm system throughout the house.
It allows window operation via a remote control or portable device.
It is also suitable for use by less able people.

IN standard:

  • Handles: FKS standard
  • Aluminum drip cap
  • Additional seal in the sash

The windows can optionally feature:

  • Decorative elements
  • Glazing bars
  • sills
  • Trickle vents
  • Roller blinds
  • Insect nets
  • Aluminum cladding in RAL or woodlike colors
  • Covering strips for window drip
  • Timber drip cap
  • Without the aluminum drip cap
  • Low threshold (Balcony HS)
  • Without the undercut for the exterior or interior sill
The standard IGU for the Capital 92 mm windows (with the Modern, Soft, Retro profile) is: 4/14/4/14/4 triple-glazed unit with an insulating wedge. IGU thickness: 58 mm.
Available glazing units for Capital 92 mm window: IGU thickness: 34 to 58 mm. The IGUs are sealed in the window frame with a special silicone compound.
- in standard
- option


single chamber set (double glazed)



double chamber set (triple glazed)

in standard

anti-burglary pane 44.4/16/4/16/4


acoustic panes 44.2/16/6/16/6


Argon-filled IGU  in standard.

Square window forms

Triangular, trapezoid, polygon

Arched, curved and round window shapes

Window with a mullion

Schematic of HS patio doors

Schematic of UP patio doors

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Declaration of Performance [101,75 KB]
PN-EN Examination Certificate [1,38 MB]
NIH Hygienic Attestation [296,79 KB]
FSC Certificates [2,14 MB]

For orders of 100% FSC® certified products, please identify this information at the time of enquiry thank you in advance.

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