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Aluminium exterior doors - Luxor

Leaf thickness

77 mm

Energy efficiency (Ud)

from 0,65 W/m2K


5 years

Modern technical solutions and an elegant look make the Luxor door a perfect match for the most demanding customers.

Solid construction based on the most technologically advanced system of thermo insulated aluminum profile Mb-86, allows to make doors of maximum size: width up to 1400 mm, height up to 2600 mm. Standard door dimension are 1200 x 2300 mm.

The use of slot-milled patterns of different shapes and sizes, decorative applications and installation of insulated glass provide countless combinations and door versions.

Very high level of water and air tightness as well as perfect thermal and acoustic insulation which the feeling of comfort in the building as well as lower utility costs.

  • Opened to the inside or outside
  • Outside dimension up tp 1300x2550mm
  • Two side or one side cylinder
  • Side fanlight in external fixing frame
Standard equipment:
  • Triple roler Hinges Wala WR finshing Stainlesteal
  • Handle Wala H1 long sign
  • Handhold Wala P10/P45 SS
  • Single hook bolt lock
  • One standard cylinder
  • Decorative panel of Stainless steel aplied or flushead depended of door sample
  • Standard colours (the same inside outside) (silver-gray) (anthracit) dark gray dark brown
Extra equipment (available at additional cost):
  • Handhold
  • Nonstandard RAL colour
  • Nonstandard RAL Dualcolour
  • Timber-colour
  • Safety glass P4
  • Hide hinges dr HaHn
  • Cylinder Class C
  • Electric strike
  • Triple point lock Winkhaus STV-U M2
  • 5-point lock Winkhaus STV-U M2
  • Triple point automatic lock Winkhaus STV-AV3 M2
  • Triple point automatic lock Winkhaus STV-AV3 M2 Bluematic
  • Keypad code to lock automatically
  • Bluetooth reader for automatic lock
  • Fingerprint sensor for automatic lock
  • Microswitch in handle

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