Entrance door accessories
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Entrance door accessories - Entrance door accessories


silver, gold

AXA Prestige

silver, inox, old gold, titanium

AXA Niagara

silver, gold, old gold, titanium, inox

Key lock

With a scoop

„one key” system: with key or with knob

Colour: silver

Colour: brown

Colour: white

Hinge covers

gold, old gold, silver, brown, white

Electric strike

Used in higher security systems, in which during a blackout all entrances are opened (in cinemas, schools, hospitals, lecture halls, public utility buildings, fire and emergency exits).

Colour :old gold, gold, chrome

AXA (DDS) silver

Day/night switch

Profile door pull

Profile door pull

Profile door pull

Profile door pull

Single leaf

Double leaves


Multi-point automatic lock with electric unlock (there is a possibility to unlock with a key fob, card, remote control, fingerprint scanner, keypad, scanner for a mobile phone).

fingerprint readers


bluetooth readers

door remote

door pendant

panelled sidelight

glazed sidelight

obscure sidelight

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