Infrared Heating Mirror
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Electric infrared heaters can be used effectively almost everywhere.

This types of mirrors also have a heating function.

Infrared panels/mirrors are used as infrared heating, basic, additional heating or for heating temporary housing, home, offices, shops, solariums, workshops, churches, etc.

Infrared is completely healthy and natural. Anybody with a temperature higher than absolute zero emits heat just in the form of an infrared wave. This can be easily seen through infrared cameras.

Many people will opt for an infrared heating system before considering the costs of this modern and healthy technology. 

We can provide you with a mirror in size and heating power adapted to your needs, if you would like to have such a mirror in your home from the bathroom or for example a fireplace in the living room, please contact us at or on our phone number that is at the top of the page.

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