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BABILON®Babilon® paving stones are sets of four stones-slabs. This results in a wide, peaceful but n..
BRUK ŚLĄSKIBruk Śląski paving stone is characterised by beautifully shaped, slightly undulated surfa..
CONCERTOConcerto® paving stones are a system of elegant stones with the contours of rectangles and s..
CREATIV®These are very charming and small-sized paving stones of exceptionally natural character. Th..
HYDROFUGA®Hydrofuga is called ecological as apart from its primary function of creating a paved supp..
KAMIEŃ SJENEŃSKIKamień Sjeneński® stone consists of two slabs made of irregular oval stones bound by..
KONTUR®Beautiful shape, carefully finished edges with charmingly waived structure but also various t..
LOGO®Logo® paving stones are similar in size, slightly trapezoidal, small stones that imitate natura..
MINI PROMENADA®colorscolors color-mix® wop1wapień dewońskipastelowa harmoniawapień muszlowyformatthi..
MODEROcolorscolors color-mix® wop1wapień dewońskioliwincappuccinocolors color-mix® wop 5brąz ziemipi..
Natural stoneDue to its great tradition, high mechanical strength, longevity and aesthetic appearanc..
NOSTALIT®Nostalgia, beauty and classic form define the specific nature of Nostalit® paving stones. T..
NOVATOR® CITYformatthickness 8 cmSINGLE SLABS100x100100x5090x9090x6080x8080x4060x6060x4060x3060x2042..
NOVATOR® FORTEcolorscolors color-mix® wop 5wapień spiżowywapień dewońskiwapień szarycolors rustical®..
NOVATOR® PARKIET®Novator Parkiet system consists of simple elongated formats in unique colors and me..
NOVATOR® PIANONovator® is a series of large-format paving slabs complementing our previous collectio..
NOVATOR® SOLONovator® is a series of large-format paving slabs complementing our previous collection..
PROSPECT®In places where extremely durable pavement is needed, our Prospect collection of elements w..
PROSPECT® SOLOcolorsfotolinedeska bielonałupek granatowo-brązowymarmur szarykwarcyt szarymarmur ultr..
ROMALIT®Carefully composed Romalit collection allows for a number of design solutions for driveways ..
STARE MIASTO®Slightly undulating top , gentle, wavy, rounded edges and corners as well as relatively..
SYMFONIA®Two formats of rectangular and square paving stones (four stones 10x10 cm, two stones 10x20..
TABERO®Slightly wavy, as if manually sculpted of Tabero paving stones resemble chipped and a little..
TEGULA®Due to chipped or straight cut edges and corners, smooth top surface, properly selected color..
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