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ALTUSRealit is a captivating system of board slabs, hoofs and slices with distinctive grain structur..
ARCHITECT®colorscolors terazzo® wop5granit szarygranit jasnygranit kremowygranit czarnypiaskowiec żó..
DESKA OGRODOWAThis is a unique offer for everyone who values the noble beauty and elegance of natura..
FINEZJA®The dream of having a beautiful access path to the house, stylish patio or place for leisure..
KAMIEŃ CIOSANY KOŁOAn extension of Kamień Ciosany system is the possibility of creating circles with..
KAMIEŃ CIOSANY OŚMIOBOKRealit stone slabs allow you to compose elaborate patterns, such as a square ..
KAVERO®One of the noticeable trends in garden space designing is taking inspiration from the surroun..
KWARCYTcolorsrealit® KWARCYTpiaskowo-beżowystalowo-brązowyszarystalowyformatthickness 4 cmPACKAGE 19..
OLD TOWN®Old Town® system is composed of beautiful, rare stone slabs with gentle, irregular and edg..
PARKIET® OGRODOWYNatural wood looks beautiful on the patio and in the garden, but it is troublesome ..
PLANTASharply cut, non-beveled Planta slabs with flamed structure and very large size of 120x100 cm ..
PORCELITO® PŁYTY GRESOWEcolorswood structureMH61MH62MH63MH64stone structureRU100RU200RU600RU900forma..
PROFITcolorscolors color-mix® wop1dolomit stalowydolomit cynamonowydolomit brązowy ciemnycolors colo..
PRZEŁOM SKALNYPrzełom Skalny garden slab is characterized by its cut texture in the fissionability s..
REZYDENCJA® FOTOLINE®colorsfotolinedeska bielonałupek granatowo-brązowymarmur szarykwarcyt szarymar..
ROMANTICA®colorscolors color-mix® wop1dolomit kremowydolomit szarydolomit stalowycolors color-mix® w..
Stone hewnKamień Ciosany is a wonderful reconstruction of cut sandstone slab indistinguishable at fi..
TRAWERTYNTrawertyn slab is a faithful reconstruction of naturally occurring travertine rock. Smooth ..
TRAWERTYN KWARTETTrawertyn slab is a faithful reconstruction of naturally occurring travertine rock...
UNI MARKANTcolorscolors microtectytan białytytan kremowytytan stalowytytan szary jasnytytan biało-kr..
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