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Construction and operation principle

The OP-30 air heater for solid fuels is characterized by very high efficiency.

It is designed for heating economic and industrial rooms, e.g.. workshops, large halls. OP-30 is a device that heats the ambient air using thermal energy generated by burning solid fuels. The thermal exchange takes place during the passage of air through the heat exchanger, without the participation of the medium. The air circulation in the room is generated by a fan, which prevents the accumulation of warm air from the ceiling.

OP-30 is made of certified boiler steel and has an axial fan with low noise emission and high efficiency.

The advantage of these heaters is:

  • high thermal efficiency ~ 90%
  • durable, corrosion-resistant powder coated cover
  • Ability to work at sub-zero temperatures due to lack of refrigerant
  • the fan mounted in the boiler allows for even distribution
  • heat in the room
  • very low operating costs
  • high power

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