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The DRAGON automatic solid fuel combustion set is an alternative for people who use a cast iron boiler VIADRUS HERCULES U22
Basic fuel:

Substitute fuel:


• cast iron retort burner

• number of members: 5 items

• feeder with a thick-walled screw and a high-quality geared motor

• a fuel tank with a capacity of 202 liters

• high-efficiency fan

• steel door

• 2 years warranty

Construction and operation principle

The set makes it possible to transform the charging boiler into a boiler with automatic fuel supply. It can also replace the old set already mounted on the stove. The cast iron retort burner is adapted for burning eco-peas, pellets and fine coal. Installation of the boiler using the set does not require complicated activities. The kit comes with a special template that is applied to the bottom of the boiler to cut the assembly hole. After cutting the hole, we seal the boiler connections with the burner base with a material resistant to high temperatures. The automatic burner set is universal, which allows the fuel tank to be mounted on the left or right side of the boiler.

Advantages of the boiler after conversion:

• automatic boiler operation

• high efficiency, simple, fast service and maintenance as well as economical operation

• low level of harmful substances in the exhaust

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