Wrangell K 1500
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Price includes. starter pack:

  • bio-fireplace with a biofuel cartridge according to selected parameters
  • igniter
  • bolt for adjusting the flame.
Type of bio-fireplaceStanding
The construction of the bio-fireplaceBiofuel insert placed in a base made of powder coated steel with heat-resistant paint, black semi-matt color
Bio-fireplace enclosureMade of PVC plastic. 8 mm, powder coated - the color of your choiceRAL pallets, lampshade made of tempered glass. 3 mm
Nominal dimensions (width. x depth. x high.)350 x 350 x 1500 mm
Standard contributionRing 160
Optimal capacity and anticipated burning time0.9 l / 3-5 h
Warranty2 years
The right to withdraw from the Sales AgreementYES
Time limit for completion10 - 21 days
In priceBio-fireplace with a contribution to the biofuel according to selected parameters, lighter, bolt to regulate the flame.
Product description

Tallgarden lampfor biofuel -WRANGELL K 1500is the largest of WRANGELL's biolamp group. As in two smaller models, its base is made of durable PVC, which can be painted in 11 colors from the offered by usRAL pallets. The biofuel insert is attached to the frame made of steel sheet and mounted on the base. To enhance the visual experience and to increase the aesthetic value of the lamp, its top is decorated with a glass cover (made of tempered glass). Biolampa looks great in a group of three WRANGELL lamps with different heights. It is suitable both for interiors, as well as for the terrace or as a garden lighting.

biolampas standard, we offer black semi-matte black (the same, which is coated with black refills for biofuel), with a refillRINGin black. the lampWrangellcan also be ordered in one of 11other colors.The color option should be selected from the list available when adding a product to the basket.

Bio-lampWrangell K 1500during the operation, he presents the following film.

Product available on request. Delivery costs set individually, please email, use contact form or call us to determine the cost and time of delivery.

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